09 February 2011

Request Vodafone waive all charges for Egyptian Customers

Take a moment to contact Vodafone.
Send them the message below:

Vodafone Executives:

I  not a Vodafone customer, nor do I even live in a country where Vodafone is a service provider.

I do however that the people of Egypt would greatly appreciate the removal of any calling charges occurring between the 25th of January and the 2d of Feb. 

When the Egyptian government turned off the internet, many people relied on their phones to communicate. Many international internet providers opened up dial-up modem lines free of charge specifically for Egyptians to continue communicating with the world. 

I think the tremendous gain in good will gained by Vodafone from the world would greatly outweigh any potential profit loss.

Please consider this request.  Many people will remember this kind gesture.

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