30 November 2010


Here's my conky.  Check out this link for the conkyrc's. There are 6 seperate conkyrc's on that page.  Look through the whole list.  Each section starts with some comments about what that one does and ends with a page number.  I never cold get the center column to line up at the bottom with the left and right ones.  If you get them right, please tell me.  Also the CPU temperature was really hard to get working as well. The sixth one reads the log file for a program called Blue Proximity.  It locks and unlocks the computer based on how close to the computer and your phone are together.

29 November 2010

Good Afternoon

I've been working at this address since sometime around 2003. This is the third time I've cleaned out all the old posts and started with a new topic.

Hope you like what's in store.