19 June 2005

Post 1

Just in case you didn't notice, I deleted my old blog from like 2 years ago. I won't go into why, so don't worry, it's unimportant.

I'm here at Fort Lee, VA about to start my third full week of Quartermaster Officer Basic Course (QMOBC). I have my third test tomorrow at 0730. We'll have three hours to complete it, so I'm hoping I'll have at least 2 hours of free time to get some shopping in. I just realized that I haven't been payed yet though! We're all desperetly awaiting pay which (military pay is no mystery) for me should be about $3200. So, this test covers Tactical Logistics, actually 2 full days of instruction, and is supposed to be pretty hard. I'm not too worried though, because I remember the stuff pretty well, and should be able to reference all the information in my huge stack of manuals.

Ok. So, what's been good about QMOBC so far?

JCD: Glad you asked. Not really anything. It's kinda like being on a really boring cruise. Nobody in the class really knew each other so we've all been doing a pretty good job making friends. It's not like last summer at LDAC at all where everyone was in direct competition and didn't get along as well as possible. Anyhow, we still have 13 weeks or so left so I'm sure all the friendlyness will fade some. The food's not too bad, typical food like what you'd get at a decent buffet. It's kinda wierd actually since Ft. Lee is there the Army trains its gourmet, 5star chefs.

Anything been interesting outside of class?

JCD: A bit. We've been partying quite a lot here in the Hotel where we're staying. That's pretty fun, again like a cruise. Some of the guys on the otherside of the building have a little lawn where we've grilled out several times. We're all dreading this friday when we have to move back onto the base.
I went to VA Beach last weekend and had a decent time there. This weekend I stayed around the hotel and had a kinda cook-out on Friday, then went to Richmond on Sat. The night club we hit was called Richbrau or something like that. I ended up hanging out with my classmates. This guy in the bar bought a round of drinks for my table because we're new officers.

Adjusting the the military/officer life at all?

JCD: Yeah, it's getting there. Me and a few of my classmates sat with some guy who happend to be staying in the room next to our pool party. We spent some considerable time talking and explaining about being in the army and especially the differences in roles between Officers, NCO's and Enlisted. Some one told me once, and I'll have to find the source, that being an Army Officer isthe most respected professional carreer in America. I'm really beginning to believe it. I've had several people just respond with amazing admiration and respect for no other reason then the little gold bar sewn on my shoulder. There's still somethings that I'll have to work on, but they'll come with time. It's a little strange that some of the soldiers in class just down the hall are some degree of afraid of that bar.

3BCT Rakkasans!