Credentials and Other Stuff

In no particular order

  1. Star Commenter:
  2. 2009 Bix 7 in 69 minutes
  3. 2010 Bix 7 in 71 minutes
  4. 2010 Quad City Half Marathon in Two hours, fourteen minutes
  5. 2005 BA Spanish Augusta State University 3.2GPA
  6. Several short stories selected for school literary journal
  7. Capitan, US Army
  8. I carried a blood chit
  9. Combat Action Badge
  10. High School Letter in Drama with 2 Pins
  11. Lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge in one act adaptation of A Christmas Carol
  12. Airborne Badge
  13. Trained Meeting Facilitator
  14. Totally dominated college art history
  15. Capitan, Army ROTC Ranger Challenge Team
  16. Top performance ratings from multiple occupations
  17. Radio Station internship WCHZ 1993-1997
  18. FCC licensed radio broadcaster
  19. Stage Manager at many concerts produced by said radio station
  20. 10+ years of study at the Augusta Fencer's Club
  21. Bronze Star Medal
  22. 2005 Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society
  23. Built a PC by hand
  24. Flashed custom DD-WRT firmware in Linksys WRT54G router, used router as a client-bridge for my Xbox 360
  25. Setup a home media and FTP server
  26. Can cut baseball field and make that cool checkerboard pattern in the grass.
  27. Built a blueprinted L20b Datsun racing engine
  28. Cut down my own Christmas Tree
  29. Can use a knife honing steel and look all smooth doing it
  30. Inducted into Combat Order of the Spur
  31. Watched every Bruce Lee movie
  32. Watched Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi back-to-back, non stop.
  33. Watched the entire Lord of the Rings (director's cut) trilogy,  back-to-back, non stop.
  34. Learned enough about Oracle SQL to really pretend like I know it
  35. Understand Ubuntu Linux well enough to use it as a daily driver
  36. Designed and oversaw construction of a Patrol Base in Iraq
  37. I can make the best hot coco you ever tasted
  38. I can also make the best margarita you ever tasted 
  39. Traveled to Mexico, Spain, Honduras, Bolivia, Cayman, Bahamas, Iraq, Kuwait
  40. Number of artillery rockets I've seen fly directly over my head: One.
  41. Played through Mass Effect three times
  42. Played through Mass Effect 2 twice
  43. Have actually worn a 3-year old's rainbow colored plastic bead and elastic necklace out in public. Also have worn two identical watches on the same arm. Both, without noticing for hours
  44. I know all the answers to the Grumpy Old Troll's riddles
  45. I speak cat
  46. I speak Spanish
  47. Used to could speak French
  48. I know the entire musical intro to: Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, and Elmo's World
  49. I know the entire Jesus Christ Superstar
  50. I know the entire Who's Tommy
  51. Totally go to bed at 2100
  52. Use military time
  53. Saw snow in Baghdad
  54. Designed my own laptop messenger bag
  55. Have a collection of wires
  56. Flown in a Blackhawk helicopter, with the windows out and sat in the wrong seat
  57. Been rolled-up by a Chinook's rotor wash
  58. Know how to hang stuff off the bottom of helicopters
  59. Once while trying to sleep in the woods while 33 degree rain was falling, I cuddled with another grown man to stay warm
  60. I've cuddled with an M16 too, then woke up, thinking it was my wife
  61. I've killed, cleaned and cooked a whole chicken
  62. I have divided by zero and lived to tell about it
  63. I can make homemade granola.  It's super yummy