26 February 2011

Modest Spec Ubuntu Recovery USB

A while back I bought a 16gb Toshiba Flash Drive from Sam's. My intention is to build a light weight Ubuntu install on it to use for data/system recovery and just to figure out some of the more obscure command line tools. I installed a command line system on it just like it were the internal HDD and built up the system from there. I generally followed this tutorial. Modest Spec or Barebones Installation of Ubuntu.

I deviated down at the bottom and installed these packages to build the window environment. I had an ethernet connection at the time but wanted to finish it on wifi.
  • sudo aptitude install xorg xterm wdm icewm menu slim wicd-curses
After that was all installed I logged in with:
  • sudo slim
Then I opened a terminal (or switched to tty1) and started my wireless networking with:
  • wicd-curses
I am actually starting to prefer the ncurses based wicd over the gtk network manager Wicd. After all this is supposed to be lightweight and I didn't think the difference was necessary. I went to aptitude and began to install the rest of the packages I wanted. Everything went pretty smooth until it came time to setup the IceWM menu. I found some help on the Freenode IRC in the #puppylinux forum. Puppy uses IceWM. The #icewm channel doesn't really seem to have anyone in it. For anyone interested in looking through the list of binaries installed on my system check it out on Google Docs.

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